• CLUB OCTAGON 2018 NEW YEAR PARTY WEEK (2018.12. 28 ~ 31)


    안녕하세요 클럽옥타곤 박준재입니다.

    국내 최고의 클럽, 아시아 최고의 클럽옥타곤의 2018 뉴 이어 파티에 초대합니다!

    2018년을 마무리하고 새로운 2019년 맞이를 축하하는 새해 파티!

    사전 예약을 통해 특별한 혜택과 좋은 자리를 먼저 자리 잡으실 수 있습니다.

    뉴 이어 파티를 기념하여 방문하시는 모든 VIP 고객님들께 특별한 바틀 서비스 혜택이 있으니


    게스트, 무료 입장 문의 등 궁금하신 내용은 언제든지 010-8005-1373 연락주세요!

    모든 메신져 사용합니다.


    카카오톡 아이디(Kakao ID) : ocjun92 


    라인 아이디(Line ID) : ocjun92


    위쳇 아이디(Wechat ID) : ocjun92


    왓츠앱 아이디(Whatsapp ID) : onjun92


    Email :


    Hi, My name is Jun, Club octagon Team leader.


    Thanks for visiting my web site. 

    I am a foreign-only manager, English is available.

    I also works 7years and open member of here.

    The landmark nightlife spot of Seoul, Club Octagon.

    as you know New Year Party is Crazy and biggest party in CLUB

    We want To celebrate New year with you

    Our New Year week is Dec. 28 - 31 / 4Days

    For New Year Party, we have a special preparation!

    We aleady book Very! famous DJ and have special VIP SERVICE.

    We have a lot of reservations, so please make reservations first!

    you can get a good, cool VIP spot through quick booking!

    i want to meet soon i can guarantee club party!

    For more information, talk over the phone or text! I will guide you exactly. 

    Please do not hesitate to contact me.

    I'll help you spend your trip to Korea.

    Also I Know All of Club in Gangnam, Like Arena, Burning sun, Made, Face Etc 

    So if you need another club info(VIP or Enter), anytime contact to me.

    I will help and i will introduce. 

    I want to meet you as soon as possible. Thanks!

    + 82 10 8005 1373 TEAM LEADER JUN

    My email -

    All of Messenger ID : ocjun92