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    Hi, I'm Jun of Club Race English manager.

    Please contact me by text, phone or Messengers.

    Unfortunately, Club Octagon is Closed, So we working New Club Race.

    First! We always open Thursday, Friday and Saturday:)

    Generally, Thursday is Lower Price than Friday and Saturday.

    Club Race Style Like Burning Sun and Arena.

    So really Crazy! there are a lot of really nice and crazy people.

    Our vip price is very simple. Because Vip price means everything.

    Entrance Fees, Mixers, Bottles, Table and Skip the line.

    So simply Vip price means Bottles Price! Note This!

    VIPS can order Any bottles at menu.

    High price vip or premium champagne orders vip can fix Best seats in Race.

    and we provide more service For yors. Like Change Music, And make a special name Electronic display and Etc.

    Here is Our Vip Menu.